Sunday, September 18, 2011


We had such a fun time at the circus! This was Ryan's first time and he loved it! He spent a good portion of the night dancing in the aisle, and it was so fun to see him so excited. We'll definitely have to go again the next time the circus is in town.

Dinner before the circus. Tim had to send back his chicken twice because it was frozen in the middle. We ran out of time and he never did get to eat his meal. Good thing the circus sells food- $10 for a hot dog and soda, but at least he got dinner.

Getting ready for the show to start

Ryan's favorite part was the elephants.

The elephants did some pretty cool tricks.

The tight rope walkers were amazing! My camera didn't get any good pictures of them, so I found some here.

There was lots of flips and tumbling.

And flying through the air

There was even a human cannonball.

The human cannonball was literally lit on fire. Here they are before they were extinguished.

The entertainers in between acts made us laugh.

The tigers. I'm still trying to figure out how to get my dogs to behave as well as these tigers.

"Fighting" with the tiger

There was lots of celebrating

Ryan was exhausted after the show.

Just a few minutes after getting in the car he was out cold. Here he is a little annoyed that I was taking his picture while he was trying to sleep.

We had such a fun night!